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Why Select e-Learning Safety

e-Learning Safety brings together the best practicing knowledge of health and safety with cutting edge e-learning technology.  

We believe the approach we take is the best way to effectively train employees in health and safety and drive through guided risk assessment and auditing.  This approach is unique in a number of ways...

  1. The e-learning works: 3D e-learning we produce is closer to watching an interactive documentary than a PowerPoint slide. This captures the viewer's interest and helps them be attentive and learn.  In a recent independent study of over 100 learners 98% said they found the e-learning effective! A far cry from the negative stereotype some have had of health and safety e-learning.
  2. The health & safety information comes from experience: the training we use is not a simple rehash of the Approved Code of Practice with a few images checked in.  The company constructs it's scripts using scenarios taken from real life.  All scripts are passed through the head of e-learning who is a qualified ergonomist and a reviewed by a board from some of the largest health and safety teams in the UK.
  3. The e-learning courses are customisable: all supplied courses can be edited online - no additional software is required.  This means that the look and feel and e-learning content can exactly match your company's needs.
  4. e-learning courses can be delivered across all platforms: be it mobile, tablet or computer an e-Learning Security course can be started on one device and completed on another.  As with all cloud systems data it seamlessly linked.
  5. Better support: call or email us - you will get straight through to the technical team who developed the systems we use. We take pride in offering experienced support directly to you. 
  6. Our systems are built ergonomically - the management team started life in ergonomics and as a result the "right way" has often been seen as the most ergonomic (or user-friendly) way. This is no more applicable to Learning Management System design which has been designed specifically for business users and not a handful of people in academic institutions.
  7. We are cheap - not in a bad way as we lavish care and attention in everything we do - but we have streamlined processes that enable us to produce e-learning at a very low cost no matter where you go in the world. Our e-learning is very visual which means that we can use rapid authoring techniques such as green screen filming which although are impressive, they are far lower cost than illustration.

It is this ethos of doing things right that enables us to confidently offer free upgrades to systems such as Cardinus and Posturite.  We trust that once you try the courses and service of e-Learning Security, there will be no looking back.

Whether you are looking for your first health and safety e-learning solution or looking to change your existing training, then we would love to hear from you.

History of e-Learning Safety

The history of e-Learning Safety represents the history of computer based training in the health and safety sector.  The Management Team behind e-Learning Security were responsible for the first computer based health and safety risk assessment and training system for dealing with EU legislation as far back as 1993.  The best selling product - VDU Workstation - combined graphics and behavioural modelling to ask assessment questions and give training in a natualistic way.

The company was also the first to model human behavour in evacuation modelling and won the IOSH award for General Health and Safety Product of the Year in 1996 for it's auditing system.  Advances in internet technology saw a move to internet based training - or e-learning - in 2003 with the foundation of systems for customising (Jackdaw Cloud) and recording (Open ELms) e-learning and risk assessment data.  Open Elms is a unique Learning Management System in that it can handle e-learning standards (SCORM) and risk assessment information in the same system.

The lessons learned and skills perfected in the past are present in the e-learning produced today.   

Want to see a course in action...?

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