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Emil Reisser-Weston (MSc - MEng) - Ergonomist

Our Products ...

DSE Ergonomics

e-Office Safety is a one-stop DSE ergonomics solution for your workstation featuring a video ergonomist.

Health and Safety

A library of health and safety courses for you to access.


Health and Safety and HR induction and onboarding available. Bespoke to DIY options.

Other Courses

Over 50 e-learning and m-learning courses are available to supplement the health and safety training.

Who are e-Learning Safety?

e-Learning Safety is the trading name for joining of e-learning WMB and e-Office Safety. The companies have come together to bring the best of breed for Health and Safety consultancy and e-learning expertise.

e-Learning Safety links e-learning WMB and e-Office Safety

What makes us the best safety training solution?

The e-Learning Safety team have been producing award winning safety learning systems for over 25 years. At Safety Learning we go a step further than the competition to ensure your safety

learning is the most flexible and effective on the market. This is due to the unique features of our e-learning; all e-learning uniquely features:

  • Video presenters in 3D virtual worlds
  • Customisable courses in the Cloud
  • Risk assessment AND training
  • m-learing and e-learning at no extra cost
  • 98% effectiveness rates
  • ROSPA Approved Courses *

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* Approved courses include Asbestos Awareness, COSHH, DSE, Mobile Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Induction, Lone Working, Risk Assessment & Working at Height

Video presenters in Safety e-Learning makes the Safety e-Learning courses more effective

Why Video Presenters?

To ask why we use video presenters is equivalent to why we use physical trainers instead of getting trainees to read books. The video trainers engage the audience, help explain subjects and importantly keep the attention levels of the subjects high. The presenters move around virtual learning worlds to help explain learning topics - our e-learning is closer to interactive video documentaries than the reading exercises in traditional safety e-learning.

e-Learning Learning Management Health and Safety System Open E-Lms

What is Customisable e-Learning?

Health and Safety training can be generic, but not every course will apply to every safety situation. To this end all courses can be edited by the administrator logging in and using the embedded Jackdaw Cloud authorware to edit the e-learning online (no software needed.) Branding, text, images, videos and even the course structure can be easily edited - no training is needed to use the system.

e-Learning Risk Assessment and Training

Why include Risk Assessment with Training?

All courses have the option of adding in risk assessment questions mixed in to the e-learning. This is particularly important when the training takes place at the workplace - such as DSE training. In such circumstances it is useful to intersperse relevant questions when giving the training (e.g. checking the user has an ergonomic chair when demonstrating how to adjust it.)

This leads to a very natural approach to risk assessment and training which mirrors the methods employed by health and safety consultants.

M learning or Mobile Learning health and safety e-learning courses

What is the advantage of m-Learning?

Exporting courses as Apps allows the e-learning to be delivered away from the office and in the field. Uniquely the trainee does not even need internet access! All courses can be deployed as both m-learning and e-learning at no additional cost.

With 80% of internet users currently access the internet using their mobile (eMarketer) it is vital to ensure your e-learning strategy encompasses mobile learning.

e-Learning Safety courses show e-learning can be more effective than traditional training

What is a 98% Effectiveness Rate?

The technical innovations and design we employ in our e-learning are designed solely to make the safety learning experience more effective. In other words people that complete the course should act safely as a result. In a recent independent study, 98% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that they understood the message. This is a remarkable achievement for an e-learning course.

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